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Disability Programmes

BoxWise is proud to offer a leading boxing disability programme in partnership with the Pembroke and Pembroke Dock Amateur Boxing Club, Luiz Faye’s Kronik Warrior organisation and the Mary Hare School. BoxWise’s disability programmes support hundreds across the country, inspiring countless young people to become the champions of tomorrow.

Adaptive boxing can be enjoyed at a variety of levels and adjusted to suit individual needs and fitness abilities. The programmes are delivered by expert coaches in safe, inclusive and accessible environments where everyone feels able to participate.

Chris McEwen, chairman and coach of the Pembroke & Pembroke Dock Amateur Boxing Club, and former member of the Royal Air Force commented: “The boxing club is about the people who come through the door, each one of them has a different story. The togetherness and tenacity of the sport creates a family environment in which everyone enjoys physical health benefits as well as huge positive mental health and behavioural changes.”

Commenting on the initiatives, Luiz Faye, Director and Lead Coach at Kronik Warrior UK, stated: “I believe passionately that adaptive boxing is an incredible craft which can be enjoyed by all. This sport can significantly improve quality of life through functional, transferable skills that can be used on a day-to-day basis. The exercises can provide a range of physical benefits from increased fitness levels, strength and conditioning to hand-eye coordination, memory and core stability/mobility.”


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