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Our Programmes

All of our BoxWise programmes in the UK are run by accredited England Boxing coaches and, where possible, include a free hot meal for all participants. Our leading 10-week programmes run across the country in boxing clubs, community centres and schools.

Under 18s

Our under 18s programme works with 11-17 year olds across the UK. The programme focuses on building the core skills young people need to navigate the world they live in today, from maximising their success at school to engaging with and being part of their local communities.



Some of the ways our participants are referred to us are by include:

Social worker  |   Police Youth Offending Teams  |   Local Authorities   |   Teachers  |   Parents


Adapted 1-week versions of the BoxWise Under 18’s programme run throughout the school holidays as ‘BoxWise Lite’, with a 5-week course running as part of the PE curriculum at several schools across London and Scotland.




Our 18 – 25 programme works with young people who have left the education system and works to develop the skills needed to successfully transition into adulthood.

This programme includes our Pathways Programme, in which we support several graduates from each course to enter further education, employment or a course to further develop their skills and qualifications. Previous graduates have (amongst other pathways) completed courses in catering, undertaken mental health qualifications or gained England Boxing coaching or personal training qualifications. 


Some of the ways our 18 – 25 year olds are referred to us by include:

Police Youth Offending Teams  |   Boxing Clubs  |   Self Referral  |   Mental Health Support Workers 



Adaptive Disability 

BoxWise is proud to run adapted boxing courses for young people with disabilities at Pembroke and Pembroke Dock Amateur Boxing Club, Luiz Faye’s Kronik Warrior organisation and the Mary Hare School.

Adaptive boxing can be enjoyed at a variety of levels and adjusted to suit individual needs and fitness abilities. The programmes are delivered by expert coaches in safe, inclusive and accessible environments where everyone feels able to participate.


Chris McEwen, chairman and coach of the Pembroke & Pembroke Dock Amateur Boxing Club, and former member of the Royal Air Force commented: “The boxing club is about the people who come through the door, each one of them has a different story. The togetherness and tenacity of the sport creates a family environment in which everyone enjoys physical health benefits as well as huge positive mental health and behavioural changes.”


Commenting on the initiatives, Luiz Faye, Director and Lead Coach at

Kronik Warrior UK, stated: “I believe passionately that adaptive boxing is an

incredible craft which can be enjoyed by all. This sport can significantly

improve quality of life through functional, transferable skills that can be

used on a day-to-day basis. The exercises can provide a range of physical

benefits from increased fitness levels, strength and conditioning to

hand-eye coordination, memory and core stability/mobility.”



As part of our mission to support sone of the most disadvantaged and

vulnerable young people across the country, BoxWise runs courses in

partnership with Centrepoint, the UK’s leading youth homelessness

charity. BoxWise sessions run at Centrepoint hubs in London,

Manchester and Bradford.



Ukrainian Refugee Programme 

In order to support the refugee community in the UK following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, BoxWise created a course specifically for young Ukrainians. The course builds on the core foundations of our under 18’s programmes and provides a safe space for these young people to channel their energies,

improve their language skills, and meet other young refugees who have been

through the same hugely challenging time. 


In addition to our commitment to our core commitment of working with

disadvantaged or vulnerable young people across the UK, BoxWise has

also designed several courses to reach and empower other members of society. 




BoxWise is proud to have designed a tailored 10-week programme for military veterans to support their transition back to civilian life after service. The course includes a core focus on mental wellbeing and building community amongst the veterans it supports.


James Gilbert, who participated in the veterans programme, added: “Veterans come from an environment where you are told when to eat, sleep and everything else, and some lads really struggle with the adjustment back into what we call Civvy Street. Boxing is quite regimented with the steps and the movement, you’ve got to be in the right place at the right time, and again it returns them back to what they are used to and reminds them of things they are comfortable with.”




BoxWise’s 10-week, women’s only programme is aimed at women who have survived domestic violence or abuse. The course is focused on empowerment, building confidence and community in a safe space for the women who attend. 



BoxWise has launched and delivered our 10-week programme at a number

of international boxing clubs. Each international programme has been tailored

to the needs of the local communities, with programmes for young women in

South Africa and Egypt and adaptive disability sessions in Brazil.  

BoxWise is so far proud to have launched internationally in South Africa,

Uganda, Egypt, Tanzania and Ireland. 

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