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BoxWise supports young people to build their confidence, improve their health and wellbeing and maximise all opportunities available to them. 

Our 10-week programme utilises the power of sport and community to deliver transformative impact to the lives of young people. We work with accredited England Boxing coaches in association with a wide range of organisations and community groups to identify those who will most benefit from our programme. 

Our aim is to support the most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people across the UK to build foundations for a long and successful future.



BoxWise’s leading ten-week programme is specifically designed to help disadvantaged young people develop six core values: purpose, adaptability, imagination, discipline, emotional control, and teamwork.



Having a purpose drives us to achieve something, but first we need to set out a plan to get there. Goal setting is the process through which we channel our motivation, in order to turn a vision into reality. 

Success Stories




Alex Wells Award

The most prestigious award is the Alex Wells Award, which is in memory of Alex Wells, a childhood friend of BoxWise Founders Nick Maughan and Rick Ogden.


Alex Wells was born and raised in South West London, growing up in Fulham where he met first met Nick and Rick, before moving to Putney in his teenage years.

He was a talented lyrical artist who was very active across the garage music scene in the early 2000’s, MC’ing with some of the biggest names across the industry under the stage name of Sneaky D. His talents were not just in MC’ing, but also in writing music and lyrics for a number of successful artists during that time

In his early twenties he set about pursuing his true passion which was working with and developing young people, Alex worked tirelessly for the next ten years working as both a youth worker and teaching assistant with young people who had a number of specialist needs, his particular specialism was working with young people who had behavioural needs.

His ability to interact and engage with everyone regardless of background or age shone through and made him a true ambassador for championing the needs of others. He was universally loved and respected in equal measure by all those he came into contact with and had hundreds of letters and cards from students telling him the impact his teaching and care had made on them and their ability to succeed and be happy.

Tragically Alex passed away in 2018. This award in his memory ensures that his legacy lives on through celebrating and championing the success of others through youth engagement, for which he was the original pioneer.

Nate Gidman

Nate Gidman Award

The Nate Gidman award, which is presented at    each of our Under 18’s graduations, is in memory of Nate Gidman, who passed away in February 2022.

Nate was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma when he was three years old. Never a shrinking violet and everybody’s friend, the news was unbelievable.

He was an incredibly active boy, he loved going out on his bike. He had life saving surgery to remove the tumour exactly a week before his fourth birthday. It would be the first of many medical procedures that would take up much of his short life. And yet, he still chose to live with love and happiness. He filled hospital wards with his smile, and with each downturn, he would face the world with positivity.

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