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“I’ve grown up in sports and know first hand the power of sports for keeping the youth on the straight and narrow. BoxWise is amazing because it offers a safe place for some of the most disadvantaged young people in our society to come and train, get fed and take sound advice on their futures. Getting them onto courses, into apprenticeships, jobs and back to school. This is what we need more of for sports and for society."

Dame Denise Lewis,

British sports presenter and former Olympic Gold winning track and field athlete

“The social value that BoxWise provides to our communities is immeasurable. By interacting and engaging with young people from troubled backgrounds, developing and harnessing their skills for the greater good, BoxWise provides indispensable support to those seeking to improve their lives.”

Andy Cook,
CEO of the Centre for Social Justice

 “BoxWise changes lives, it’s that simple. If you take young people who have fallen through the cracks and invite them in for some boxing training, many come. Once they are in, you give them free meals and help them to move in a positive direction. It’s a winning formula that Nick has rolled out a cross the U.K. I’ve been to see BoxWise in action and it works. It makes young people happier and behave better. Add boxing to mentoring and the results are very strong. This is about inner city kids that no one is doing enough about. They are left alone to learn from local gangs and we wonder why they get into trouble. BoxWise uses boxing to interest them and then helps them to turn their lives around.”

Liam Payne,
British singer and former member of One Direction

“When I was a boy growing up was hard. We lived on a rough estate, mother went to prison and I got into crime. It took time for me to realise that the best way to succeed in life is to find the right mentors and stick with them. Gangs and drugs are too easy. I’ve been fortunate to have found my own way to success through trading properties. I’ve appeared on national TV shows like Rich House, Poor House and have become a mentor to young people myself, as showcased on TV. Coming from a difficult background and having found success I am proud to give-back to society by being an Ambassador for BoxWise. I’ve been to plenty of their sessions, given talks to groups and to individuals. I love the way that BoxWise really works with the bad-boys to help them turn themselves around. It’s something that I really love being a part of as it works at a national level making a national difference to society. Cutting crime is all of our concern and something that does that is solid gold. They youngsters get a better life and the rest of us can watch out backs that much less. It’s also smart how BoxWise seeks out the deprived areas and gets in the right people who need the help. I always thank Nick for inviting me to get involved and take my hat off to him for the way he really gets stuck into it. Not many people like him actually get their hands dirty.”

Ayo Gordon, Entrepreneur

“Growing up in Scotland and later living in London I’ve seen a lot of youth crime develop out of the lack of a sense of purpose. Unengaged young people without a supportive network behind them are prone to losing their way in life as negative influences can easily take a grip. Boxing is about hard work, discipline, fitness and routine. All of the things that keep you on track in life and deter things like drugs, gang life and country lines involvement. BoxWise has amazed me with the speed with which it has become a national organisation and had a truly remarkable social impact. It has touched thousands of lives directly and indirectly, making a real difference to the U.K. that will only grow with time. I’m incredibly proud to be an advisor to BoxWise and have really enjoyed the help I’ve been able to provide in the U.K. and more recently in South Africa.”  

Hannah Rankin,

Former WBA and IBO Super Welterweight World Champion in boxing and professional bassoonist

“This is all about long-term growth, so we’re quite flexible, depending on the group, on the boxing content that’s delivered. But what runs parallel to that is things like communication, goal setting. Every two weeks there’s a new focus.  So, it’s not just boxing, it’s life skills that can be easily transferred into something else. Then you showed commitment [by consistently attending the session] and you really do get something out of it you can use in the long term.”

Rachel Bower, BoxWise National Lead 

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