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New Program for Armed Forces Veterans

BoxWise is proud to launch its leading boxing programme for ex-servicemen and women in the heart of Manchester. Offering a free 10-week boxing programme with a difference, the programme helps Armed Forces veterans forge a new path after leaving the military.

Delivered entirely by accredited England Boxing coaches, BoxWise’s veterans programme provides a safe and supportive environment for ex-servicemen and women to channel their energies and develop the necessary skills to transition to civilian life.

The course also provides one-to-one mentoring support and progression routes to help veterans enter employment or further education, with BoxWise graduates offered fully funded vocational courses in areas such as catering, boxing coaching, personal training and more.

BoxWise’s Armed Forces programme seeks to improve outcomes for veterans by providing vital support to help them adjust to life at home. The immediate transition into civilian life can leave many at risk of homelessness, economic hardship and mental health issues. The programme provides veterans with a sense of purpose and a vital support network, with the programme affording veterans the opportunity to meet like-minded people and share common experiences.

James Gilbert, who participated in the veterans programme, added: “Veterans come from an environment where you are told when to eat, sleep and everything else, and some lads really struggle with the adjustment back into what we call Civvy Street. Boxing is quite regimented with the steps and the movement, you’ve got to be in the right place at the right time, and again it returns them back to what they are used to and reminds them of things they are comfortable with.”


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