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Boxing with a Purpose

We’re delighted to be launching BOXWISE, a non-profit social enterprise that helps young people build confidence, improve their health and maximise all opportunities available to them.

Boxing provides a structure through which young people can learn to channel their energy and harness their potential in all walks of life.

Our syllabus is structured around six core values: purpose; adaptability; imagination; discipline; emotional control; and teamwork. We believe that instilling these values in young people will help them build foundations for a long and successful future.

We encourage participants to apply the skills and values we teach them in our classes to their lives outside ring. One such example is purpose - it’s impossible to box well without a sense ofpurpose. The same goes for how we conduct ourselves in life. At BOXWISE we unpack the components of a true sense of purpose, helping young people to develop a plan, assess whether it is realistic and worthwhile, track its progress and set goals and timeframes.

BOXWISE works with accredited England Boxing coaches in a safe and controlled environment, which remains out-of-reach for far too many of Britain’s young people today. We also work with a plethora of organisations and community groups to identify those who will most benefit from its programme.

Following the completion of a 13-week course with BOXWISE, young people who have worked hard, shown dedication and commitment throughout their course are offered a number of different progression routes. Progression routes include further education to gain qualifications, help with future employment opportunities, helping to support and mentor young people at BOXWISE, or help in gaining an England Boxing Level 1 Coaching Qualification.

Young people across the country have had an especially difficult time over the course of the past year, having lost a fundamental sense of structure in their personal and educational lives. Maintaining a consistent life structure and developing a strong sense of purpose are indispensable during one’s formative years. BOXWISE is here to help.


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